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MongooseJS 4.11.2 发布,MongoDB 连接包
达尔文 2017年07月14日

MongooseJS 4.11.2 发布,MongoDB 连接包

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MongooseJS 4.11.2 发布了,MongooseJS 是使用 JavaScript 编程,连接 MongoDB 数据库的软件包,使 MongoDB 的文档数据模型变的优雅起来,方便对 MongoDB 文档型数据库的连接和增删改查等常规数据操作。本次更新如下:

  • docs: fix comment typo in connect example #5435 ConnorMcF

  • fix(update): correctly cast document array in update validators with exec() #5430

  • fix(connection): handle autoIndex with useMongoClient #5423

  • fix(schema): handle type: [Array] in schemas #5416

  • fix(timestamps): if overwrite is set and there's a $set, use $set instead of top-level update #5413

  • fix(document): don't double-validate deeply nested doc array elements #5411

  • fix(schematype): clone default objects so default not shared across object instances unless shared specified #5407

  • fix(document): reset down the nested subdocs when resetting parent doc #5406

  • fix: don't pass error arg twice to error handlers #5405

  • fix(connection): make openUri() return connection decorated with then() and catch() #5404

  • fix: enforce $set on an array must be an array #5403

  • fix(document): don't crash if calling validateSync() after overwriting doc array index #5389

  • fix(discriminator): ensure discriminator key doesn't count as user-selected field for projection #4629


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