Flock否认转投 Chrome 怀抱

发布于 2009年03月06日
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前两天业界普遍传出一条消息称基于Mozilla FireFox内核的Flock浏览器即将抛弃FireFox,转而投向Chrome的怀抱。然而事实证明,这仅仅是一条传闻而已,昨天Flock的 CEO亲自致函给TechCrunch网站,并且在报道的文章下面回复表示:我们根本没有在Mozilla平台停止开发,即将要发布的Flock 2.1也同样会基于Mozilla平台。

原贴内容如下: Mike,

I was responding to your email from only a few hours ago when I saw your article. It’s important to clarify a couple of things. We haven’t ceased development efforts on the Mozilla platform. Our upcoming release of Flock 2.1 is built on the Mozilla platform. Having said that, the browser space is heating up, and we’ve seen a variety of exciting technologies emerge over the last several months that are appealing.

We always have and will continue to make architectural decisions that balance what’s best for our users and what’s best for Flock as a business. This has resulted in a healthy, growing user base and business for Flock, and we expect this to continue in 2009. In fact, with over seven million downloads almost entirely from word of mouth, Flock enjoys a highly satisfied user base with consistently over 92% customer satisfaction, very strong net promoter scores, and an average of four hours of usage per day.

With a continuing focus on user-centered browser innovation, our team is in active research and development on a range of exciting new enhancements to Flock. It is still far too early to comment on anything specific, but we are very excited about this design phase…

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