Jetspeed 门户平台发布 2.2.1 版本

发布于 2010年04月21日
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Jetspeed是Apache组织开发的一个采用Java和XML的开放源代码的企业信息门户的实现。门户可以让终端用户可以很方便的访问网络 资源(应用、数据库等)。用户可以通过Web浏览器、WAP手机、寻呼机以及其它一些智能设备来访问Portal。Jetspeed就像是中心的控制器, 可以很方便地以各种形式展示那些来自不同数据源的数据。


* Jetui Client Side Customization Engine
* Drag and Drop Support of portlets
* Jetspeed Toolbox dockable portlet selector, layout selector, and skin selector
* Dockable Jetspeed Navigator to navigate over spaces, maintenance over pages, folders, links
* Jetspeed Spaces, secured areas of the portal site for workgroups and projects
* JAX RS Services for Portal Customization and Registry manipulations
* Open ID Support
* Preview Portlet Mode from Jetspeed Toolbox
* Improved LDAP synchronization, authentication, and maintenance of LDAP credentials
* CAS Authentication
* Dynamic PSML - dynamically overlay external site maps such as other web sites or content repositories onto the Jetspeed site map to dynamically navigate of external content within portal
* PSML Templates - templacized, secured pages that overlay over URL addressable pages to merge template-portlets such as toolbox and navigator into a single page
* Fragment References - also known as Portlet Instances - allow for referencing preconfigured portlets with preferences from a standard page
* Improved Portlet API 2.0 Support and Compliance
* Improved Installer to support two kinds of installations (min, demo)
* New User Manager supporting true paging over large user databases

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