GNOME 3.26 将对控制中心进行大改进

发布于 2017年06月25日
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GNOME 控制中心 3.25.3 现在可以进行公开测试了

GNOME 3.26 桌面环境的开发正在按计划继续进行,目前,第三个里程碑(GNOME 3.25.3)已经发布,包含多个组件和应用程序的各种更新和错误修复。

GNOME 控制中心是 GNOME 桌面的重要组成部分,GNOME 3.25.3 开发版为其增加了一系列改进,包括网络,在线帐户,打印机,区域和语言面板等方面。

在网络面板中已经简化了忽略的网络接口类型,当 NMDevice 没有 hw 地址(硬件地址)时,它不会再崩溃。另一方面,在打印机面板中允许用户撤销删除的打印机,为打印机删除作业增加 10 秒的超时时间,并且在没有可用的墨水数据时隐藏 supply level bar。

GNOME Control Center Changelog:

Fix memory leaks

- handle EXIF orientation in chooser

- Reduce connection editor dialog width
- Rely on notebook tabs to switch connection editor pages
- Align details page labels at start
- Move checkboxes to Details page
- Drop Reset page
- Adapt forget button label according to connection type
- Move Security page to the end
- Use radio buttons instead of a combobox in IP pages
- Avoid crashing if the NMDevice doesn't have a hw-address
- Simplify the ignored Network interface types

Online Accounts:
- Move the margins and spacing lower down the hierarchy
- Increase the spacing above the "Remove Account" button

- Don't block when removing printers
- Allow undoing deletion of a printer
- Add 10s timeout for printer removal
- Scroll view to show newly added Printer
- Move options dialog spinner out of the action area
- Add print "Test Page" button to Options Dialog
- Hide supply level bar when there is no inklevel data

Region & Language:
- Make the input source chooser back button activate on click
- Don't return the input chooser dialog if nothing is selected
- Avoid starting with a gap at the bottom of the input chooser


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