Subversion 1.6.11 发布



User-visible changes:
* fix for repositories mounted via NFS (issue #3501)
* enable TCP keep-alives in svnserve (r880552)
* tighten restrictions on revprops for 'svnadmin verify' (r904594)
* make ra_serf give better out-of-date information (issue #3561)
* improve error message upon connection failure with svn+ssh:// (r922516)
* allow 'svn log' on an uncommitted copy/move destination (r901752)
* make 'svnadmin hotcopy' copy the fsfs config file (r905303)
* mergeinfo improvements with non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3573)
* make mergeinfo queries not require access to the repo root (issue #3242)
* update URLs to refer the the new repository (r904301, -94)
* update relative externals during a switch (issue #3390)
* fix 'merge --reintegrate' with self-referential mergeinfo (r892050, -85)
* improve wc-ng working copy detection (r929382)
* improve handling of mergeinfo when using serf (r880461)
* fixed: 'svnlook plist --revprop' with '-t TXN_NAME' (r917640, -8211)
* fixed: file external from URL cannot overwrite existing item (issue #3552)
* fixed: potential memory error in 'svn status' (r923674, -9)
* fixed: merge records mergeinfo from natural history gaps (issue #3432)
* fixed: theoretical possibility of DB corruption (r926151, -67)

Developer-visible changes:
* disable checks for wc-ng working copies when running the test suite
* on Windows, don't ignore move operation error codes (r896915)
* more precise reporting of errors occuring with sqlite init (r927323, -8)
* ensure rangelist APIs are commutative (r923389, -91)

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