WiredTiger 2.9.2 发布,MongoDB 存储引擎

发布于 2017年05月28日
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MongoDB 存储引擎 WiredTiger 2.9.2 发布了,有关详细信息,请参阅更改日志。有如下重要更改:

  • SERVER-16796 Increase logging activity for journal recovery operations

  • SERVER-28168 Cannot start or repair MongoDB after unexpected shutdown.

  • SERVER-28194 Fix a bug where a missing WiredTiger.turtle file can result in data loss

  • WT-98 Update the current cursor value without a search

  • WT-2439 Enhance reconciliation page layout

  • WT-2898 Improve performance of eviction-heavy workloads by dynamically controlling the number of eviction threads

  • WT-3097 Race on reconfigure or shutdown can lead to waiting for statistics log server

  • WT-3106 Add truncate support to command line wt utility

  • WT-3114 Avoid archiving log files immediately after recovery

  • WT-3115 Change the dhandle lock to a read/write lock

  • WT-3127 Fix a bug with CPU yield calls don't necessarily imply memory barriers

  • WT-3135 Fix a bug with search_near() for index with custom collator

  • WT-3137 Fix a hang in __log_slot_join/__log_slot_switch_internal

  • WT-3144 Fix a bug where random cursor returns not-found when descending to an empty page

  • WT-3148 Improve eviction efficiency with many small trees

  • WT-3149 Change eviction to start new walks from a random place in the tree

  • WT-3150 Reduce impact of checkpoints on eviction server

  • WT-3152 Convert table lock from a spinlock to a read write lock

  • WT-3157 Fix a bug in checkpoint/transaction integrity issue when writes fail.

  • WT-3158 Fix structure packing on Windows.

  • WT-3188 Fix error handling in logging where fatal errors could lead to a hang

  • WT-3193 Close a race between verify opening a handle and eviction visiting it

  • WT-3206 Fix a bug where core dump happened on NULL page index

  • WT-3218 Fix a bug that could lead to unexpected checkpoint ordering failures

  • WT-3243 Reorder log slot release so joins don't wait on IO

  • WT-3262 Stop making schema operations wait for cache

有关完整列表,请参阅 JIRA 更改日志: https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/WT/fixforversion/17874


WiredTiger 是一个开源的、高性能、可伸缩的 MongoDB 数据存储引擎。

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