JavaMelody v1.67.0 发布,系统监控平台

发布于 2017年05月14日
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JavaMelody v1.67.0 发布了,该版本修复了 1.66 中存在的一个 bug。详细如下:

  • fix RUM monitoring when the URL ends with '/' in 1.66.0.

  • fix #617: Charts of http/sql stats can not be viewed after restarting the application (with help from goldyliang).

  • fix #622: In the collector server, malformed main html page when the monitored app is down.

  • fix #623: In the collector server, spikes on gc, transaction and cpu graphs after collector restart.

  • fix: In the collector server, after a restart, a monitored application can't be removed if it is no longer available.

  • fix #631: When using the collector server, minor security issue if XML transport format with xstream is configured in the collector server parameters.

  • fix: If the monitoring of an invalid JNDI datasource fails, don't ignore the others (dca0b07).

  • added: When using Ehcache, display keys from the caches and add ability to remove a specific key from a cache (PR #630, thanks to Aleksandr Mashchenko).

  • added: Display the number of http sessions and sessions mean size before the list of sessions, when there are more than 20 (PR #629, thanks to Aleksandr Mashchenko).

  • improved: When displaying Java sources from stack-traces, locate more sources by reading Maven pom.xml of the webapp and of the other dependencies, when they exist.

  • added: Display webapp dependencies in a new page, accessed by a link in the System informations details, and include detailed name, website url, Maven groupId:artifactId:version and license of each dependency, based on Maven pom.xml files. (e7607c1, except in JIRA/Confluence/Bamboo because of OSGi restrictions)

  • added: With Spring, when using net/bull/javamelody/monitoring-spring.xml in the Spring context or when using the Spring boot starter, add a link to display "Spring beans", in System informations next to the "JNDI tree" link (5cd7c5a).

  • added: With Spring again, when using net/bull/javamelody/monitoring-spring.xml in the Spring context or when using the Spring boot starter, if RestTemplate is used and if it is defined as Spring bean (for example, <bean id="restTemplate" class="org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate" />), then the REST http calls from the webapp with this RestTemplate are monitored and response times are displayed in the Spring statistics of the monitoring report (b672ddb).

  • added: In the database reports, 10 new reports for MySQL (with help from MySQL perf analyzer, Apache license): long running queries, statistics of tables, unused indexes, events waits summary, table access summary, index access summary, table lock wait summary, tables without PK, queries summary for the last 24h, memory summary (this last one works only in MySQL v5.7) and 1 new report for Oracle database: statistics of tables (62d86d1).

  • added: When the webapp is built by Maven or when the javamelody parameter application-version is set, the version of the webapp is displayed at the top of the report and a drop-down list of versions next to "Customized" period allows to display the report for the period of each version deployed, to compare between them for example. (d61e65f, based on an idea by dhartford).

  • added: Like for EJB monitoring, monitor CDI (or EJB 3.1) beans by simply adding the @net.bull.javamelody.Monitored annotation on beans classes or methods to monitor (3f60bff).

  • added: Real User Monitoring (RUM). It allows to measure the experience from the end user perspective, by monitoring times in the browser for each html page until it is displayed and ready to be used (b85652a, see doc).



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