Cacti 1.1.6 发布,网络流量图形监测分析工具

发布于 2017年05月09日
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Cacti  v1.1.6 已发布。Cacti是一套基于PHP,MySQL,SNMP及RRDTool开发的网络流量监测图形分析工具。

  • issue#620: The table poller_data_template_field_mappings can get out of sync when manipulating data templates

  • issue#622: Can not connect to MySQL over a socket

  • issue#628: Cacti upgrade process is complex and error pront for developers

  • issue#635: Error when saving change to data template

  • issue#637: When displaying tree graphs, use the same layout as preview mode

  • issue#646: When a plugin is disabled during page operations, warnings can appear

  • issue#651: Unable to view cacti log (because of allowed memory size exhausted)

  • issue#657: Error in log when host is down, using icmp and using cmd.php on FreeBSD

  • issue: List for creating a Graph type shows already added Graph Templates

  • issue: Fix and undefined variable on data source page when first creating a manual data


  • issue: Remove tabindex and other non-required manual aria controls from pages

  • issue: Table type and column type in poller_output table wrong

  • issue: FILTER_VALIDATE_MAC not defined on PHP less than 5.5

  • issue: When changing your language Cacti would not do a full page refresh

  • feature#106: Paginated CLOG and log administration

  • feature: Dutch translations

  • feature: Responsive Graphs page

  • feature: Convert forms from table based to div based for responsive design

  • feature: Better support for phones and tablets

  • feature: Simplified installation code to facilitate easier release cycle

  • feature: Updating Tablesorter to v2.28.9, adding widgets and pager

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