Ceph v12.0.2 Luminous (dev) 发布,开发者版本

发布于 2017年04月25日
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Ceph v12.0.2 Luminous (dev) 发布了,这是 Luminous 的第三个开发者版本,Luminous 是下一个长期支持的稳定版本。

自 12.0.1 以来的主要变更:

  • The original librados rados_objects_list_open (C) and objects_begin (C++) object listing API, deprecated in Hammer, has finally been removed. Users of this interface must update their software to use either the rados_nobjects_list_open (C) and nobjects_begin (C++) API or the new rados_object_list_begin (C) and object_list_begin (C++) API before updating the client-side librados library to Luminous.

    Object enumeration (via any API) with the latest librados version and pre-Hammer OSDs is no longer supported. Note that no in-tree Ceph services rely on object enumeration via the deprecated APIs, so only external librados users might be affected.

    The newest (and recommended) rados_object_list_begin (C) and object_list_begin (C++) API is only usable on clusters with the SORTBITWISE flag enabled (Jewel and later). (Note that this flag is required to be set before upgrading beyond Jewel.)

  • CephFS clients without the ‘p’ flag in their authentication capability string will no longer be able to set quotas or any layout fields. This flag previously only restricted modification of the pool and namespace fields in layouts.

  • CephFS directory fragmentation (large directory support) is enabled by default on new filesystems. To enable it on existing filesystems use “ceph fs set <fs_name> allow_dirfrags”.

  • CephFS will generate a health warning if you have fewer standby daemons than it thinks you wanted. By default this will be 1 if you ever had a standby, and 0 if you did not. You can customize this using ceph fs set <fs> standby_count_wanted <number>. Setting it
    to zero will effectively disable the health check.

  • The “ceph mds tell …” command has been removed. It is superceded by “ceph tell mds.<id> …”

  • RGW introduces server side encryption of uploaded objects with 3 options for the management of encryption keys, automatic encryption (only recommended for test setups), customer provided keys similar to Amazon SSE KMS specification & using a key management service (openstack barbician)

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