Apache UIMA Java SDK 2.10.0 发布

发布于 2017年04月06日
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Apache UIMA Java SDK 2.10.0 发布了,增加了一些新的功能,并修复了一些 bug 。

UIMA (Unstructured Information Management applications) 是一个软件系统,用来分析大量的非结构化信息从而发掘中对最终用户有用的知识点,一个最典型的 UIM 应用就是从文本文件中提取有用信息,例如人员、地址和组织等相关信息。


  • External Override values are supported within UIMA Descriptor import statements and within the fileUrl value of fileResourceSpecifiers.

  • External Overrides: support was added for searching the classpath and UIMA Datapath to find the external overrides. If a relative file name is specified but the file is not found, the classpath and datapath will be searched. This approach will be changed in the next release to make a clearer distinction between file and classpath resources in order to avoid the ambiguity of the current design; note that this change will not be backwards-compatible.

  • to improve integration with Java, the JCas cover classes for the built-in UIMA types FSArray, FSList, StringArray, and StringList now support the Iterable interface.

  • a new report on API changes, api-change-report.html, is included as part of the release.

  • several bugs were fixed; please see issuesFixed for a list of changes.


下面是 UIMA 的结构图:

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