Highcharts 5.0.10 发布,纯 Javascript 图表库

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2017-04-04 07:34:18

Highcharts 5.0.10 发布了。Highcharts 是一个制作图表的纯 Javascript 类库。


Bug 修复

  • Fixed #3481, title and subtitle were not resizing chart correctly when using useHTML on true.

  • Fixed #3936, colorAxis was not updated through chart.update.

  • Fixed #4964, missing plotband when small range.

  • Fixed #6007, exporting after chart.update() threw errors.

  • Fixed #6144, empty categories caused wrong render of tooltip.

  • Fixed #6191, dead clip path references.

  • Fixed #6203, yAxis extremes were wrong calculated for visible scatter points

  • Fixed #6258, text labels with ellipsis had inconsistent behavior.

  • Fixed #6279, error when hiding series of line polar using data module.

  • Fixed #6359, softMin/softMax didn't work in combination with floor/ceiling.

  • Fixed #6430, areasplinerange polar curve path was wrongly rendered.

  • Fixed #6431, addition to #6476, stickyTracking should default to true when there is a shared tooltip.

  • Fixed #6433, updating Axis with plotBands rendered redundant nodes.

  • Fixed #6437, 3D pie chart disappeared when drilling down after resize.

  • Fixed #6444, exporting the second time failed with axis extremes.

  • Fixed #6449, series with noSharedTooltip was inaccessible with shared tooltip.

  • Fixed #6452, chart.update was not redrawing axes when setting alignTicks to false.

  • Fixed #6456, tooltip didn't show on hovering outside candlestick and OHLC series.

  • Fixed #6458, named color deduction was case sensitive.

  • Fixed #6459, colors of boxplot series points would not update.

  • Fixed #6463, missing closing sign in RegEx caused wrong handling of pseudo attributes.

  • Fixed #6465, first data label in polar charts was not visible.

  • Fixed #6469, series got lost when mixing category data in a dual axis chart.

  • Fixed #6470, exporting failed in IE8 when data labels were enabled.

  • Fixed #6473, wrong text wrapping with textOutline: none.

  • Fixed #6474, custom CSS property was injected into the DOM. Added to blacklist.

  • Fixed #6474, text outlines were not properly cleaned up on resizing.

  • Fixed #6476, shared tooltip with disabled stickyTracking did not work.

  • Fixed #6477, regression on crosshairs with snap in a bubble chart.

  • Fixed #6479, responsive rules didn't apply to panes.

  • Fixed #6481, offline export of pie charts to PDF not working in Firefox and Safari.

  • Fixed #6487, contrast color was not applied for a justified label on a column.

  • Fixed #6497, horizontal legend layout didn't respect spacing setting.

  • Fixed #6499, offline export fails with allowHTML despite no HTML in chart.

  • Fixed #6502, missing chart series and axis in combined logarithmic chart.

  • Fixed #6518, wrong marker positions when hovering after redrawing in boost module.

  • Fixed #6519, empty space caused overlapping in legend.

  • Fixed #6521, missing label for narrow plot band.

  • Fixed #6089, chart.update not taking effect on panes. Also closes #6438.




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