Java机器人游戏 -- Robocode 1.7.1 Beta 发布

发布于 2009年03月03日
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  • Added getCurrentWorkingDir() + getRobotsDir() to the robocode.control.RobocodeEngine.
  • Request [2446276] - Ranking Panel should be visible when Robocode is minimized. This feature has been added and it is possible to control the behavior from Common Options in the Preferences with the "Don't hide Rankings when main window is minimized", which is enabled per default.
  • Request [2467545] - Command Line option for saving a battle record file. Two new command line options have been added for Robocode, i.e. - record and -recordXML . The -record option records the battle as a binary and zipped battle record. Here I propose that the specified filename should is something like The -recordXML does the same as the -record option, but saves the battle record as an XML file. Here I suggest that you use a filename like
  • Request [1749483] - Speedup time required for rebuilding robot database.


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