Teiid 9.3 Alpha1 发布,数据虚拟化系统

发布于 2017年03月13日
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Teiid 9.3 Alpha1 发布了,值得关注的更新如下:

Feature Progress:

  • Couchbase connectivity is progressing under TEIID-2820

  • The full DDL metadata system feature continues to evolve.  Several early issues have been addressed that slightly change the syntax and order or statements that supported.  This will all be reflected in the docs.  The hope is that the feature will be fully realized by the end of the 9.3 release.

  • The Debezium integration work continues as Ramesh has contributed changes to their community.

  • JDG integration continues to get easier and support for JDG 7.1 will be added.

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