JavaMelody v1.64.0 发布,系统监控平台

发布于 2017年03月12日
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JavaMelody v1.64.0 发布了,主要更新如下:

  • fix compatibility with Java 9. (PR #609 for issue #556 , thanks to James Pether Sörling)

  • In the Jenkins plugin, fix JENKINS-42112 : HTTP user session is reported as "anonymous" when using anything but AbstractPasswordBasedSecurityRealm (like Google login plugin or Cloudbees Operations Center).

  • In the Liferay plugin, fix compatibility with Liferay 7 (649fd35 and PR #7 with help from Inácio Nery from Liferay, fixed in 1.63.1)

  • improved: make easier the selection of the stack-trace text in the tooltips of the threads list (736cf0e)

  • added: javamelody sprint boot starter to simplify configuration of javamelody when using Spring Boot (PR #615 thanks to Georg Wittberger).

  • added: pdf report in the detail page of a request. (28e2474)

  • added: links to view java source from errors and threads stack-traces. (e5263bf)

  • Source from the JDK and source from artifacts built by Maven and available in Maven central can be viewed. So if your server uses a JRE and not a JDK, source from the JDK are not available. And note that many artifacts available in Maven central were not built by Maven, for example Tomcat libraries, so sources of those artifacts can't be located.

  • The javamelody parameter maven-repositories can be used like the other javamelody parameters, to search for sources of Maven artifacts in other repositories than your local repository and than Maven central, and such as your own company repository containing the sources of your own app. The parameter value must be a comma separated list of Maven repositories URLs (~/.m2/repository, by default and recommended as last repositories). And if your repository needs basic authentication, you can insert "username:password" in the URL. For example in the web.xml :

  • added: new javamelody parameter application-name, to override the default one based on the context path of the webapp and on the hostname. Using this parameter will change the default storage directory path. (PR #604 thanks to kai-modrzok)

  • added: if the javamelody parameter jmx-expose-enabled is set to true, then javamelody mbeans are available with aggregated statistics data about requests. See doc. (PR #591 thanks to Alexey Pushkin)



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