Go IPFS 0.4.6 发布,点对点分布式文件系统

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作者: 王练

IPFS 是一款点对点的分布式版本文件系统,,试图将所有具有相同文件系统的计算设备连接在一起。它结合了 Git、BitTorrent、Kademlia、SFS 和 Web 的优势。 它就像一个 bittorrent 群,交换 git 对象。

Ipfs 0.4.6 包含与迁移相关的几个错误修复,还包含对代码库其他部分的一些改进。 值得注意的有:

  • The default config will now contain some ipv6 addresses for bootstrap nodes.

  • ipfs pin add should be faster and consume less memory.

  • Pinning thousands of files no longer causes superlinear usage of storage space.

  • Improvements

    • Make pinset sharding deterministic

    • Update to go-multihash with blake2

    • Pass cids instead of nodes around in EnumerateChildrenAsync

    • Add /ip6 bootstrap nodes

    • Add sub-object support to dag get command

    • Add half-closed streams support to multiplex experiment

  • Documentation

    • Add the snap installation instructions

    • Add closed PRs, Issues throughput

  • Bugfixes

    • Fix auto-migration on docker nodes

    • Update flatfs to v1.1.2, fixing directory fd issue

  • General Changes and Refactorings

    • Remove FindProviders from routing mocks

    • Use Marshalers instead of PostRun to process block rm output

  • Testing

    • Makefile rework and sharness test coverage

    • Print out all daemon stderr files when iptb stop fails

    • Add tests for recursively pinning a dag

    • Fix lack of commit hash during build

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