Sentry 8.14.0 发布,Python 实时日志平台

发布于 2017年03月02日
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Sentry 是一个实时的事件日志和聚合平台,基于 Django 构建。

Sentry 可以帮助你将 Python 程序的所有 exception 自动记录下来,然后在一个好用的 UI 上呈现和搜索。处理 exception 是每个程序的必要部分,所以 Sentry 也几乎可以说是所有项目的必备组件。

Sentry 8.14.0 更新内容:

  • Added new internal processing interface that supports multiple processing steps per stacktrace (for instance JavaScript + native)

  • Add IE10 legacy browser filter

  • Added data migration to merge legacy releases

  • Added support for symbolizing inlined frames and added heuristics for fixing up native stacktraces.

  • Removed instruction_offset as a frame attribute from stacktraces

  • [BREAKING] Quotas must now instantiate RateLimited and NotRateLimited return values.

  • [BREAKING] Redis quota implementations now return BasicRedisQuota instead of tuples.

  • Commits using the Fixes SHORTID annotation will now be tracked appropriately.

  • Release functionality is now detected at a project level to enable various features.

  • Added basic encryption facilities (sentry.utils.encryption).

  • Added support for "Fixes XXX, YYY" and "Fixes XXX YYY" notations.

  • Aded bulk "Resolve in Next Release" to stream actions.

  • Various visual improvements to notifications, including the addition of transactions.

  • Plugins can now add tasks that run in sentry as celery workers.

  • Added the ability to verify TLS connections when fetching artifacts.

  • Added data migration to merge environments across an organization

  • Added timesSeen keyword to issue search.

API Changes

  • Added OrganizationReleasesEndpoint.

  • Added context type app for cocoa events.

  • Added assignedTo param to /projects/{org}/{project}/issues/.

  • Split out filtered stats onto Inbound Data Filters page

  • Added OrganizationReleasesEndpoint

  • Added OrganizationReleaseFileEndpoint

Schema Changes

  • Added unique index on Release(organization_id, version)

  • Removed unique index on Release(project_id, version)

  • Added GroupCommitResolution model.

  • Added Environment.organization_id column.

  • Added EnvironmentProject model.

  • Added Project.flags column.

  • Added not null constraint to Environment.organization_id column.

  • Removed not null constraint on Environment.project_id and ReleaseEnvironment.project_id columns

更多详情可查阅 releases/8.13.x...8.14.0 完整更新内容

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