Calibre 2.80 发布,电子书管理软件

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Calibre 2.80 发布了。Calibre 是电子书管理软件,支持 Amazon、Apple、Bookeen、Ectaco、Endless Ideas、Google/HTC、Hanlin Song 设备及格式。



  • Add support for sideloading of KFX files created with the third-party KFX calibre plugin

  • Edit book: Allow drag and drop of image files, stylesheets and html files into the editor to insert the appropriate <img> and <link> tags and add the files to the book automatically.

  • Kobo driver: Add support for updated firmware

  • Edit Book: Spell Check: If there are no suggestions fill the suggested word box with the original word.

  • Viewer: add a shortcut (Ctrl+F11) to show/hide toolbars.

Bug 修复

  • PDF Output: Fix courier font not being rendered when converting on windows.

  • E-mail delivery: Add a Message-ID header when sending emails. Reduces probability of mails sent from calibre being marked as spam

  • Save to disk: Fix path shortening being applied to entire save template even when saving to singe directory.

  • Get Books: Update the Virualo and Publi store plugins for website changes

  • Viewer: Fix regression that caused slow opening of some books with missing font/css/image files

  • Viewer: Pressing Ctrl+F in fullscreen mode should show the controls.

  • Edit book: Do not allow creating multiple new files whose names differ only by case.

  • Viewer: Use heuristics to try to detect comics encoded as fixed layout EPUBs to ensure they are displayed as intended.

New news sources

  • Various new and improved Belgian news sources by erkfuizfeuadjfjzefzfuzeff

Improved news sources

  • The Atlantic

  • The Financial Times


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