MeeGo 发布第一个版本

发布于 2010年04月01日
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MeeGo 的前身是 Maemo 和 Moblin ,日期发布第一个版本,这是 MeeGo 开放开发的开始。

"What are we opening? The MeeGo distribution infrastructure and the operating system base from the Linux kernel to the OS infrastructure up to the middleware layer. The MeeGo architecture is based on a common core across the different usage models, such as netbooks, handheld, in-vehicle, and connected TV. The MeeGo common core includes the various key subsystems including the core operating system libraries, the comms and telephony services, internet and social networking services, visual services, media services, data management, device services, and personal services."

目前已提供 Nokia N900 电话以及基于 Intel 的上网本的下载映像。

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