SystemRescueCD 1.5.1 发布

发布于 2010年04月01日
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SystemRescueCd是一份可启动光盘Linux系统,它用于在崩溃后修复系统及数据。它的另一个目标是为在你的计算机上完成管理任务提供 方便, 例如创建和修改硬盘分区。它包含了大量的系统实用工具(parted、partimage、fstools等)及基本软件(编辑器、midnight commander,网络工具)。它面向易用性,只要从光盘引导你就可以做任何事情了。其内核支持大多数最重要的文件系统(ext2/ext3、 reiserfs、xfs、jfs、vfat、ntfs、iso9660),以及网络系统(samba和nfs)。SystemRescueCd基于 Gentoo LiveCd。

Changes: The boot process is faster, thanks to OpenRC and to the reorganization of system services. Version 1.5 is also based on udev, so only the appropriate drivers are loaded, which accelerates the boot process. Parted-2.2 has been patched to fix usability problems (specifically, the ”failed to re-read the partition table” error). This release also fixes usability problems with the intel xorg driver. The standard kernels (rescuecd and rescue64) are now based on a new configuration.

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