Veusz 1.7 发布,Python科学图表库

发布于 2010年03月31日
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Veusz 是一个用来绘制各种科学图表的Python程序库,可导出为 Postscript 和 PDF 文档。包含一个易用的图形化界面,同时也有一些命令行接口以便直接在 Python 程序中调用。

Changes: Widgets can be dragged and dropped within the widget tree. Tick labels are now centered around the axis tick at the extremes of the axis, and axis label positioning is more intelligent when arranging graphs in a grid. Grid lines on minor axis ticks and sub-contour divisions have been added. There have been various Unicode widget and dataset name fixes. Logarithmic contours are properly calculated now. The image widget can optionally apply smoothing. Binary package versions now include the embedding interface.

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