PHPUnit 6.0.0 正式版发布,PHP 单元测试框架

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2017-02-09 09:39:00

PHPUnit 开发团队宣布 PHPUnit 6.0.0 发布了。此版本添加了新功能,更改并删除了现有功能,并修复了错误。此处提供了详细的更改列表。

Dropping support for PHP 5.6

According to our release process, PHPUnit must be compatible with all versions of PHP that are actively supported by the PHP project.

Active support for PHP 5.6 ended on December 31, 2016. The only actively supported versions of PHP as of February, 3 2017 are PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1.

Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • PHPUnit's units of code are now namespaced. For instance, PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase is now PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase

  • PHPUnit is now strict about useless tests by default. Use the --dont-report-useless-tests commandline option or the beStrictAboutTestsThatDoNotTestAnything="false"configuration directive to disable this risky test check.

  • Global and super-global variables are no longer backed up before and restored after each test by default. Use the --globals-backup commandline option or the backupGlobals="true" configuration directive to enable this feature.

  • The logfile format generated using the --log-junit option and the <log type="junit" target="..."/> configuration directive has been updated to match the current format used by JUnit. Due to this change you may need to update how your continuous integration server processes test result logfiles generated by PHPUnit.

Obtaining PHPUnit 6.0

We distribute a PHP Archive (PHAR) that contains everything you need in order to use PHPUnit. Simply download it from here, make it executable, and put it into your $PATH, for instance.

Alternatively, you may use Composer to download and install PHPUnit as well as its dependencies.


PHPUnit 6.0 requires PHP 7.0; using the latest version of PHP is highly recommended. The documentation has a detailed list of the PHP extensions that are required to use PHPUnit.

Support for PHPUnit 5.7

Following our release process, PHPUnit 5.7 will receive bug fixes until February 2, 2018.

End of Life for PHPUnit 4.8

Following our release process, PHPUnit 4.8 has reached End of Life as of February, 3 2017 and will no longer receive bug fixes.

If you use Chef, Puppet, or a similar tool to download and install a PHPUnit 4.8 PHP archive (PHAR) then please change the URL from to The URL will not be offered in the future anymore. It will continue to work for now and it will always redirect to the latest version of PHPUnit 4.8.

Looking Ahead

The goal of our release process is to deliver new features into the hands of our users every two months. The next release with new features will be PHPUnit 6.1. It is currently in development and will become stable on April 7, 2017.

PHPUnit 7

PHPUnit 7.0, which is scheduled for February 2, 2018, will no longer support PHP 7.0.

Support for PHPUnit 6

Following our release process, PHPUnit 6 will receive bug fixes until February 8, 2019.

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