Percona Server 5.6.35-80.0 发布,MySQL 衍生版

发布于 2017年02月09日
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Percona Server 5.6.35-80.0 发布了,该版本基于 MySQL 5.6.35,并包括其中的所有错误修复。

作为 MySQL 的最新替代、衍生版本,Percona Server 是开源的和免费的。



  • Kill Idle Transactions 功能已通过设置连接套接字读取超时值而不是定期扫描内部InnoDB事务列表来重新实现。这使得该功能适用于任何事务存储引擎,如TokuDB,以及未来的MyRocks。 这种重新实现还解决了一些现有的错误,包括服务器崩溃:#1166744#1179136#907719 和 #1369373

Bugs 修复:

  • Logical row counts for TokuDB tables could get inaccurate over time. 

  • Repeated execution of SET STATEMENT ... FOR SELECT FROM view could lead to a server crash. 

  • CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE would create a transaction in binary log on a read-only server. 

  • If temporary tables from CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT contained compressed attributes it could lead to a server crash.

  • Using the per-query variable statement with subquery temporary tables could cause a memory leak.

  • Fixed new compilation warnings with GCC 6.

  • A server could crash if a bitmap write I/O error happens in the background log tracking thread while a FLUSH CHANGED_PAGE_BITMAPS is executing concurrently. 

  • TokuDB was using the wrong function to calculate free space in data files. 

  • CONCURRENT_CONNECTIONS column in the USER_STATISTICS table was showing incorrect values. 

  • InnoDB index dives did not detect some of the concurrent tree changes, which could return bogus estimates. 

  • INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_CHANGED_PAGES queries would needlessly read potentially incomplete bitmap data past the needed LSN range. 

  • Percona Server cmake compiler would always attempt to build RocksDB even if -DWITHOUT_ROCKSDB=1argument was specified. 

  • Adding COMPRESSED attributes to InnoDB special tables fields (like mysql.innodb_index_stats and mysql.innodb_table_stats) could lead to server crashes.

  • Lack of free pages in the buffer pool is not diagnosed with innodb_empty_free_list_algorithm set to backoff (which is the default). 

  • mysqld_safe now limits the use of rm and chown to avoid privilege escalation. chown can now be used only for /var/log directory. 

  • Renaming a TokuDB table to a non-existent database with tokudb_dir_per_db enabled would lead to a server crash. 

  • Read Free Replication optimization could not be used for TokuDB partition tables. 


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