GitLab 8.16.3 发布,代码托管平台

发布于 2017年01月29日
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GitLab Community Edition (CE) 和 Enterprise Edition (EE) 8.16.2 发布了。

该版本解决了最近的 8.16 版本中的一些回归和错误。详细如下

  • CE/EE: Fixed label select toggle not updating correctly. (!8601)

  • CE/EE: Fix autocomplete initial undefined state (loading). (!8667)

  • CE/EE: Introduced an offset limit to prevent the dropdown from going far right. (!8679)

  • CE/EE: Fix race conditions for AuthorizedProjectsWorker. (!8701)

  • CE/EE: Add caching of droplab ajax requests. (!8725)

  • CE/EE: Fixed flexbox and wrap issues. (!8745)

  • CE/EE: Make the time estimate migrations reversible. (!8749)

  • CE/EE: Fix filtered search so that labels selected from discussion notes display correctly. (!8756)

  • CE/EE: Fix access to the wiki code via HTTP when repository feature disabled. (!8758)

  • CE/EE: Don't call #uniq on a relation. (!8784)

  • CE/EE: Revert filter-assigned-to-me. !8785

  • CE/EE: Resolve "Clicking line anchor multiple times causes scroll position to over-correct". (!8791)

  • CE/EE: Fix /explore sorting trending. (!8792)

  • CE/EE: Fix Error 500 when repositories contain annotated tags pointing to blobs. (!8800)

  • EE: Document removing approval. (!1086)

  • EE: EE port: Fix race conditions for AuthorizedProjectsWorker. (!1100)

  • EE: Fix sidekiq cluster mishandling of queue names. (!1117)

  • EE: Fix GitLab Pages not refreshing upon new content. (!1134)



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