Calibre 2.78 发布,电子书管理软件

发布于 2017年01月28日
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Calibre 2.78 发布了。Calibre 是电子书管理软件,支持 Amazon、Apple、Bookeen、Ectaco、Endless Ideas、Google/HTC、Hanlin Song 设备及格式。该版本更新如下:


  • View button:将操作添加到右键菜单,始终使用 calibre viewer 打开书籍,而不考虑首选项

  • Kobo driver:更新以支持来自 Kobo 的最新固件

  • E-book viewer:允许通过 --open-at 命令行参数从内容列表打开特定项目。Closes tickets: 1656573

  • Amazon metadata download:添加从 下载的支持

Bug 修复

  • Edit Book: Do not condense CSS rules when saving AZW3 files regardless of the value of Preferences->Common Options->Look & Feel->Expand CSS

  • EPUB Output: Fix a duplicate id created in rare circumstances when splitting on page breaks. Closes tickets: 1658744

  • DOCX Input: Fix error when converting documents that have images pointing to web resources. Closes tickets: 1659142

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused an increase in load times when loading the individual HTML files inside an EPUB book. Closes tickets: 1658578

  • Fix setting a similar books search to use the formats field in Preferences->Searching resulting in an error. Closes tickets: 1658386

  • Kobo driver: Fix incorrect cover size being uploaded to the Glo HD

  • E-book viewer: Fix 'View Image' right click menu action not available for svg files included via <img> tags. Closes tickets: 1657717

  • HTML Input: Remove the # character from input filenames, for maximum compatibility. Closes tickets: 1656833

  • Edit Book: Fix spell check treating the unicode hyphen (U+2010) differently from the normal hyphen (U+002d). Closes tickets: 1656319


  • The Sunday Times Magazine by Bobby Steel


  • FOX News

  • Oriental Daily

  • AM730

  • The Times

  • NYTimes

  • Mediapart

  • Echo Online


  • GoComics

  • The Hindu


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