Racket 6.8 发布,Lisp 语言分支

发布于 2017年01月25日
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Racket 6.8 发布了,该版本包含如下改进内容:

  • Racket sports a new logo, courtesy of Matthew Butterick.

  • MacBook Pro laptops with touch bars are supported.

  • Support for FreeBSD on PowerPC.

  • Initial support for GTK3 on Wayland is available. GL contexts, GC blits, and dialog placement currently do not work.

  • The macro stepper provides a command-line interface via the raco macro-stepper command.

  • Typed Racket more efficiently represents and computes types and propositions, resulting in faster type checking for many programs. For more details, see this blog post by Andrew Kent.

  • The bytecode optimizer can reduce more expressions of the form (equal? x y) to (eqv? x y) or (eq? x y) when the type of x or y is known.

  • The bytecode optimizer avoids dropping stack frames in some reductions. This provides better stack traces for errors when errotrace is enabled.

  • The bytecode compiler detects more optimization opportunities, including when variables always hold a boolean value. In particular in expressions like (or (symbol? x) (something)), the optimizations avoid the creation of an intermediate variable to store the result of (symbol? x).

  • The syntax form preserves syntax properties on all template pieces.

  • The scribble/html/extra module provides renderers for HTML elements that are part of the WHATWG HTML standard but not part of the scribble/html language by default (e.g., map, time, video).

  • The DeinProgramm teaching languages support pattern matching using the match form.

  • In the DeinProgramm languages, define-record-procedures supports specifying signatures as part of the form, instantly enabling properties quantifying over such records.


Racket源自著名的专家型语言PLT Scheme,同时又是Lisp语言的一个分支。它适用于从脚本Script到应用程序开发的任务执行工具,包括图形用户界面,Web服务器等。支持编译器的虚拟机,创建独立的可执行程序的工具,Racket Web服务器,具有丰富而全面的功能库,适用于初学者和专家编程。

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