Netty 4.1.7.Final 和 4.0.43.Final 发布

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作者: 愚_者
2017-01-13 10:01:00

Netty 4.1.7.Final 和 4.0.43.Final 发布了。

4.0.43.Final and 4.1.7.Final 的重要改进:

  • OpenSSLContext Mutual Auth does not announce acceptable CAs (#6145)

  • Ensure ReferenceCountedOpenSslEngine not swallow the close_notify (#6189)

  • int underflow (#6198)

  • Potential endless loop in Recycler.Stack.scavengeSome (#6153)

  • Ensure we use a MPMC queue in ThreadDeathWatcher as it may be used from multiple threads at the same time (#6149)

  • NIO ServerChannel shouldn't close because of Exception (#6107)

  • Regression: SSL session contains extraneous NULL entries in peer certificate chain (#6098)

  • Ensure alert is send when SSLException happens during calling SslHandler.unwrap(...) (#6047)

  • Use the correct alert depending on the CertificateException when using OpenSslEngine (#6046)

  • Adding ability to get Peer Creds on a UnixDomainSocket (#5940)

  • Reduce lock contention in resource leak (#5934)

  • Correct handle HttpMessage that is EOF terminated (#5957)

  • Fix unbalanced quotes in Bundle-NativeCode manifest header(#5949)

  • Fix false-positives when using ResourceLeakDetector (#6103)

4.1.7.Final 的重要改进:

  • DefaultHttp2Connection modifying child map while iterating (#6197)

  • Fix DefaultChannelId MAC address parsing bug (#6147)

  • Do not limit the PID to be <= 4194304 (#6144)

  • Fix false-positives when using ResourceLeakDetector (#6087)

  • retained[Slice|Duplicate] buffer reference count bug (#6024)

  • PlatformDependent ASCII hash code broken on big endian machines (#5935)

  • HTTP/2 WeightedFairQueueByteDistributor Bug (#6004)

有关详细信息和所有更改,请浏览 4.0.43.Final and 4.1.7.Final.

4.0.43.Final 中的所有更改也包括在 4.1.7.Final 中。 4.1.7.Final 的所有更改不会影响 4.0.43.Final。

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