Countly 16.12.1 发布,移动分析应用

发布于 2017年01月13日
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开源移动分析应用 Countly v16.12.1 发布了。该版本修复了 Countly 16.12 的一些 bug,由于Apple 新的并行推流配置,如果你使用国家发送推送通知的iOS设备,您必须升级到16.12.1。主要更新内容如下:

  • Fix: Getting email report data correctly

  • Fix: Bug with recording custom metric functionality

  • Fix: Correct weekly buckets when year is changing

  • Fix: Correct titles to weekly buckets

  • Fix: Do not refresh dashboard for past periods

  • Fix: Push - decreasing amount of concurrent streams

  • Fix: Push - remove scheduled job on message deletion

  • Fix: Push - certificate parsing

  • Fix: Push - send badge data to Android

  • Fix: Add uid even if uid-sequence was not created

  • Fix: Sorting data in bars

  • Fix: Millisecond timestamp not recorded in some cases

  • Fix: Enable DBViewer by default on new installations (Enterprise Edition)

  • Fix: Showing custom properties in user profiles (Enterprise Edition)

  • Feature: Allow detecting ip address from the right side of X-Forwarded-for header


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