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JStorm 2.2.1 发布,分布式计算系统
淡漠悠然 2017年01月10日

JStorm 2.2.1 发布,分布式计算系统

淡漠悠然 淡漠悠然 发布于2017年01月10日 收藏 15 评论 2

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JStorm 2.2.1 发布,更新内容如下:


  • Performance is improved by 200%~300%, compared to Release 2.1.1 and in several testing scenarios, while 120%~200% compared to Flink and 300%~400% compared to Storm.

    1. Restructure the batch solution

    2. Improve serialization and deserialization to reduce the cost of cpu and network

    3. Improve the cost of cpu on critical path and metrics

    4. Improve the strategy of netty client and netty server

    5. Support consume and publish of disruptor queue under batch mode

  • Introduce snapshot exactly once framework

    1. Compared to Trident solution, the performance of new framework is increased by several times. Besides it.

    2. The new framework also support "at least once" mode. Compared to the acker mechanism,it will reduce the cost of relative calculation in acker, and the cost of network, which will improve the performance singificantly.

  • Support JStorm on yarn

    1. Currently, jstorm cluster is capable of fast deployments,and fast scale-in/scale-out. It will improve the utility of resource.

  • Re-design the solution of backpressure. Currently, the flow control is stage by stage。

    1. The solution is simple and effective now. The response is much more faster when the exchange of switch on/off of backpressure.

    2. The performance and stability is improved significantly, compared to the original solution.

  • Introduce Window API

    1. Support tumbling window,sliding window

    2. window support two collection mode, count and duration.

    3. Support watermark mechanism

  • Introduce the support of Flux

    1. Flux is a programing framework or component which is aim to help create and deploy the topology of jstorm quickly.

  • Isolate the dependencies of jstorm and user topology by maven shade plugin to fix the conflict problem.

  • Improve Shuffle grouping solution

    1. Integrate shuffle, localOrShuffle and localFirst. The grouping solution will be auto adapted according to the assignment of topology.

    2. Introduce load aware in shuffle to ensure the load balance of downstreams.

  • Support to configure blacklist in Nimbus to exclude some problematic nodes

  • Support batch mode in trident

  • Supervisors will synchronize cluster configuration from nimbus master automatically

  • Add buildTs to supervisor info and heartbeats

  • Add ext module for nimbus and supervisor to support external plugins

  • Add jstorm-elasticsearch support, thanks to @elloray for your contribution


  • Restructure nimbus metrics implementation. Currently, the topology metrics runnable is event-driven.

  • Restructure topology master. Currently, the processor in TM is event-drive.

  • Add some examples to cover more scenarios

  • Disable stream metrics to reduce the cost of sending metrics to Nimbus

  • Support metrics in local mode

  • Improve the implementation of gauge by changing the instantaneous value of each minute,to the average value of some sample values in each minute.

  • Introduce an approximate histogram calculation to reduce memory usage of histogram metrics

  • Add Full GC and supervisor network related metrics


  • Fix message disorder bug

  • Fix the bug that some connections to zookeeper are not closed by expected when encountering exception in supervisor.

  • The deactivate might be called by mistake when task init

  • The rootId might be duplicated occasionally. It will cause the unexpected message failure.

  • Fix the bug when local mode

  • Fix logwriter's bug

  • Some task metrics(RecvTps ProcessLatency) might not be aggregated correctly.

  • Fix the racing condition of AsmCounter during flushing


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