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SQLiteStudio 3.1.1 发布,SQLite 管理工具
红薯 2017年01月10日

SQLiteStudio 3.1.1 发布,SQLite 管理工具

红薯 红薯 发布于2017年01月10日 收藏 65 评论 12

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SQLiteStudio 3.1.1 在 2016年11月就发布了,SQLiteStudio 是一个跨平台的 SQLite 数据库的管理工具,采用 Tcl 语言开发。


  • [ADDED]: WxSQLite3 plugin (with encryption support).

  • [ADDED]: System.Data.SQLite plugin (ADO.NET, includes encryption support).

  • [ADDED]: Support for "Row Value" introduced in SQLite 3.15.0.

  • [ADDED]: New option in configuration dialog to decide whether you want to keep NULL values when entering empty strings in cells (new, more intuitive behavior), or overwrite NULLs with empty string values (as it used to be so far).

  • [ADDED]: Editor window has now "Find" and "Replace" toolbar buttons for those functions (which were already there, available under shortcuts).

  • [ADDED]: New built-in functions: import(), import_formats(), import_options() and charset(). All described on SQLiteStudio's wiki (at User Manual page).

  • [ADDED]: #3106 ScriptingTcl has now "tcl_init" command to invoke full interpreter initialization, which creates [clock] commands and some others. It's not invoked automatically to avoid performane issues.

  • [ADDED]: #3136 Added "--master-config" command line option to have a settings file (regular SQLiteStudio config file) that all running SQLiteStudio instances import settings from. More details in manual on wiki page.

  • [ADDED]: #3127 Added 'select all' and 'deselect all' buttons in tigger's UPDATE OF columns dialog.

  • [CHANGE]: #3135 Re-enabled possibility to close database list panel (and reopen it from the View menu entry).

  • [CHANGE]: #2901 Automatically generated database name includes full file name, except for the file extension only (unlike before, when it took only a file name up to the first dot).

  • [CHANGE]: #3140 The "generate name automatically" checkbox has been removed. Now the name is generated automatically by default, unless user starts to edit the name manually.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3118 #3124 #2943 Fixed double precision numbers formatting.

  • [BUGFIX]: DbAndroid plugin: Fixed 'adb' automatic detection under Linux.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3126 #3092 Fixed problem with database versions in Android plugin.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3155 Fixed crash when confiriming custom FK value with Enter key.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3094 #3095 Fixed default FK value preselection when tabbing through cells.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3154 Fixed crash when mass replacing token to another token containing initial token.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed query generation for "UPDATE" and "DELETE" when invoking it from Database List context menu for the table.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed Ctrl+click (Cmd+click on MacOSX) handling of object names that require name wrapping (such as names with spaces in it).

  • [BUGFIX]: #3133 Fixed resolving tables with unusual (like cyrillic) characters in their names.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3096 Restored data editing by Return key hit, that got broken in 3.1.0 for MacOSX.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3122 Several tweaks to Android shell mode connection.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3093 Fixed memory leak in Android plugin.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3132 Fixed column resolving in a View that uses same alias for two different columns.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed importing Windows and Macintosh end-line format CSV files (handling \r\n and \r properly).

  • [BUGFIX]: #3134 Fixed recognizing CREATE TRIGGER statements properly when CASE-WHEN-END is used inside.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3112 Fixed Foreign Key editing when the foreign table was modified (for example renamed) and the local column was already presented in the data view.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3113 DEFAULT value is now automatically inserted only when committing NULL for NOT NULL column. Also new option is introduced to use DEFAULT always for NULL values, regardles of NOT NULL constraint.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed refreshing database list view when changing labels display settings in configuration dialog.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed FormView row navigation shortcuts.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3097 Fixed alphabetical ordering when exporting entire database.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed "UPDATE OF" column list formatting (indentation) in Enterprise Formater plugin.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed SqlSimpleFormatter plugin to add ";" at the end of CREATE TABLE statements while exporting database schema to SQL format.

  • [BUGFIX]: Data view fonts now apply to other tabs in the table window and view window.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3005 Fixed performance issue with lots of big values loaded into the grid. Also fixed editing those values using the inline cell editor.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2938 Fixed query executor to idenfity properly tables in named subselects, to the ROWID is handled correctly.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3168 Fixed data filter field in data view, so it handles the single quote character.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2942 Erasing table data context menu option now honors multiple table selection.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2900 Optimized execution of thousands of queries at once in SQL editor window.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2934 Table foreign key dialog can now refer to the same table. So far only column dialog constraint for FK could do it.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3120 Performance of SQL editor window greatly increased when working with huge sets if queries (like thousands).

  • [BUGFIX]: #3028 Fixed formatter for "NOT EXISTS" expression.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2990 Fixed handling scientific numbers notation.

  • [BUGFIX]: #2987 Fixed "go to referenced row" function when using multi word object names.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3173 Fixed numerous typos in messages and names.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3178 Fixed pagination for query simple execution method.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3177 Fixed ORDER BY with column numbers, instead of names.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3125 Fixed trigger UPDATE OF columns popup dialog positioning.

  • [BUGFIX]: #3166 Fixed crash when trying to print data.

  • [BUGFIX]: Fixed reading long values of not-editable result columns (like expressions or functions that return long values). They used to be truncated.

  • [BUGFIX]: Compilation fixes.


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Sources (zip)Independent9.0MB3.1.1sqlitestudio-3.1.1.zip
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看上去bug很多啊 其实那个 dbeaver 在SQLite插件上的bug就超级多 基本上没法用 主要还是对mysql支持较好


支持非常好 SQLite轻量级 但功能也弱很多 API的话PHP的还行 lua这些就需要自己写函数了
SQLite比如不支持右连接查询 字段不能备注 等等吧
大体来说字段类型只有4种(大分类) 非常适合嵌入式系统使用
无法下载 @红薯


看上去bug很多啊 其实那个 dbeaver 在SQLite插件上的bug就超级多 基本上没法用 主要还是对mysql支持较好
看上去bug很多啊 其实那个 dbeaver 在SQLite插件上的bug就超级多 基本上没法用 主要还是对mysql支持较好
可以 很良心