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Homebrew 1.1.6 发布,MacOS 上的包管理器
王练 2017年01月06日

Homebrew 1.1.6 发布,MacOS 上的包管理器

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Homebrew 1.1.6 发布了,Homebrew 是 MacOS 上的套件管理器,Homebrew 会将套件安装到独立目录,并将文件软链接至/usr/local ,所有文件均会被安装到预定义目录下,无需担心 Homebrew 的安装位置。Homebrew 的程式都是简单的 Ruby 脚本,使用 gem 来安装 gems、用 brew 来搞定那些依赖包,使 macOS 更便于使用。


  • brew update now properly handles migrations from other taps to Homebrew/core

  • brew install --force-bottle will now try to use bottles on older versions of macOS

  • Many fixes around the new brew uninstall checks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

  • Duplicate aliased formulae are no longer output by brew commands

  • brew audit better handles uncommitted formulae version changes

  • Some old ENV. methods have now been deprecated

  • brew cask update has been deprecated

  • superenv now always filter flags on dependencies by default

  • Formulae may now be migrated to casks with a different name

  • brew commands now correctly handle formulae names with a .rb suffix

  • brew deps now supports --full-name in --installed--all and --tree modes

  • brew doctor now checks for bad tap files

  • brew create no longer has :x11 in the new formula template

  • brew create's template now has meson support

  • 32-bit options have been deprecated

  • Xcode prerelease warnings have been removed

  • brew update-reset is a new command to simplify cleaning up broken repositories

  • brew postinstall no longer allows writes to HOMEBREW_PREFIX

  • superenv now correctly matches versioned formulae

  • brew audit now flags the use OS.mac? and OS.linux?

  • The CLT will never be shown as too old on < OS X Lion

  • brew doctor now checks for multiple Cellars

  • brew audit now flags the use of fails_with :llvm (which is a no-op)

  • brew prune no longer removes top-level directories


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