Mitmproxy 1.0.0 发布,现在有了 Web 界面

发布于 2016年12月27日
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Mitmproxy 1.0.0 发布了。mitmweb 将 mitmproxy 和 mitmdump 作为代理核心的主要接口之一。


  • All mitmproxy tools are now Python 3 only! We plan to support Python 3.5 and higher.

  • Web-Based User Interface: Mitmproxy now offically has a web-based user interface called mitmweb. We consider it stable for all features currently exposed in the UI, but it still misses a lot of mitmproxy’s options.

  • Windows Compatibility: With mitmweb, mitmproxy is now useable on Windows. We are also introducing an installer (kindly sponsored by BitRock) that simplifies setup.

  • Configuration: The config file format is now a single YAML file. In most cases, converting to the new format should be trivial - please see the docs for more information.

  • Console: Significant UI improvements - including sorting of flows by size, type and url, status bar improvements, much faster indentation for HTTP views, and more.

  • HTTP/2: Significant improvements, but is temporarily disabled by default due to wide-spread protocol implementation errors on some large website

  • WebSocket: The protocol implementation is now mature, and is enabled by default. Complete UI support is coming in the next release. Hooks for message interception and manipulation are available.

  • A myriad of other small improvements throughout the project.


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