Darktable 2.2.0 发布,数字摄影暗房软件

发布于 2016年12月27日
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数字摄影暗房软件 Darktable 2.2.0 发布了。这个版本包括新的自动透视校正模块,一个用于所有你喜欢的像素移动的液化工具,一个使用颜色查找表(CLUT)来改变图像中颜色的新图像模块,等等。主要更新如下:

  • Split the database into a library containing images and a general one with styles, presets and tags. That allows having access to those when for example running with a :memory: library

  • Support running on platforms other than x86 (64bit little-endian, currently ARM64 only) (https://www.darktable.org/2016/04/running-on-non-x86-platforms/)

  • darktable is now happy to use smaller stack sizes (no less than 256Kb). That should allow using musl libc

  • Allow darktable-cli to work on directories

  • Allow to import/export tags from Lightroom keyword files

  • Allow using modifier keys to modify the step for sliders and curves. Defaults: Ctrl - x0.1; Shift - x10

  • Allow using the [keyboard] cursor keys to interact with sliders, comboboxes and curves; modifiers apply too

  • Support presets in "more modules" so you can quickly switch between your favorite sets of modules shown in the GUI

  • Add range operator and date compare to the collection module

  • Add basic undo/redo support for the darkroom (masks are not accounted !)

  • Support the Exif date and time when importing photos from camera



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