iTop 2.3.3 发布,IT 服务管理工具

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2016-12-23 08:41:00

IT 服务管理工具 iTop 2.3.3 发布。Changelog 如下:

Changes since iTop 2.3.1:

Enhanced Portal
- Align behavior to legacy Portal: the enhanced portal now works fine for users having "Allowed Organizations" defined in their user account.
- #1299 "Oops, could not load data" when creating request in Full ITIL instance when running PHP7, has been fixed.
- Added possibility to specify a controller action for a brick tile. This allows to use some logic in order to make a specific render relying for example on DB dataobjects.
- Activate multi-objects sorting based on DataModel default ordering in BrowseBrick. For example the Services catalog which is made of 3 objects: ServiceFamily/Service/ServiceSubcategory, used to be ordered only on Service Family is now sorted on Service Family, then on Service and last on Service Sub-category.
- Fix bug in edition form with multiple LinkedSets.
- Templates not working with OQL "list" fields (requires the Request Templates extension). This only happened when the field had too many items and was trying to render them as an autocomplete.
- Support display of HTML fields in lists in the new portal.
- Fix Deadline attributes which were not displayed properly in ManageBrick.
- Optimized column load in ManageBrick and BrowseBrick to improve performance.
- Fixed a regression which caused some characters (like < >) to be displayed as their corresponding HTML entities (&gt;)
- Fixed the quick search on enumerated values and finalclass field. The search was performed against the "code" instead of the displayed (localized) value.
- Fixed the display of enums and html images in lists.
- Fixed the display of friendlyname in lists, which was not behaving well on abstract class when the name was composed of several fields in the child classes.
- Fixed the list of resolved tickets for power users: the list was restricted to their own tickets.
- A read-only AttributeDuration in the portal ticket edit form was preventing attachment on that form. It’s been fixed. AttributeDuration field are still read-only in the portal.
- AttributeBlob was not working in the portal. It is now available but in read-only mode only.
- #1281: Fixed a few hardcoded strings to dictionary: Service catalog brick had 2 hardcoded headers ("Service" and "Sous-Service")
- The Spanish translation of the new Portal has been added.
- The German translation has been improved.
- When a Ticket is opened in a new tab, the caselog entry was not emptied after submission, leading to frequent duplicate entries in the Public log, if user was submitting again. This is fixed.
- Fix display of Wiki text which was pointing to the console object, instead of the portal one.
- #1284: Fixed issue when trying to re-open a ticket as a portal user. Cause was that the destination state had "must prompt" attributes that were all "read only" for the current user, making the entire form "read only" and therefore removing "submit" button. The user was the not able to complete the transition. Fix consists of skipping the form when all attributes are "read only" for the user.
- Refactored a portion of TWIG (Loader is now in an helper TWIG)
- Placed transition buttons to the right with the 'submit' one as it was confusing.
- Fixed a bug on the default configuration that was displaying only UserRequest in the Closed requests brick instead of both UserRequest and Incident objects.
- Fixed a bug with external key as radio button in forms


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