Apache Allura 1.6.0 发布,SF 网站开源项目

发布于 2016年12月17日
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Apache Allura 1.6.0 发布了。

Apache Allura 是一个开源、可扩展的基于 Web 的集成了软件工具和协作软件开发的平台。最开始由 SourceForge 在 2009 年推出用来管理源码仓库、Bug 报告、讨论和 Wiki 页面、博客等功能。该项目在 2012年6月贡献给 Apache 基金会。



 * Multifactor authentication and recovery codes

 * Add git-http docker container

 * Per-thread subscriptions in discussion forums [#7981]

Bug 修复及提升


 * Specify python 2.7 and ubuntu 16.04 in docs

 * [#6876] Handle revoked OAuth tokens for GitHub import

 * [#8132] Fix comment threading when email In-Reply-To header isn't useful

 * [#8125] Require password when confirming new email address

 * Add rel=nofollow to links in user profiles

 * Includes "seconds" in ago() helper

 * Remove src="#" that was causing extra requests to the same page

 * Fix iframe sanitization so that closing tag is okay, which had been putting closing tags in the wrong place

 * Good text wrapping on project lists

 * Remove weird notch from project list when project has award, and using 2 or 3 column display


 * [#8135] Improve admin categorization page

 Code Repositories:

 * [#5496] Git browse view stalls on "Loading commit details ..."

 * [#8001] Error with git status "T" in a commit

 * [#8131] refresh repo task uses wrong query

 * Remove message about browser not supporting canvas

 * Adds commit id to notification email subject

 For Developers:

 * [#8062] Naming of docker image is incorrect in docker-compose during initial build using git

 * Update docker images, pysolr

 * Update for newer `docker-compose logs` syntax

 * Fix RAML syntax (queryRequired wasn't coming through as bool in the type def), other minor tweaks

 * Split up pylint test into chunks that can be run with nose multiprocess; move pyflakes chunks into parallelized pattern

 * Various other test improvements

 * Remove requirements from setup.py


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