Choqok 1.0 Beta1 发布,桌面微博程序

发布于 2010年03月18日
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choqoK 是一款 KDE 下的微博客客户端,目前,它支持 Twitter 和。choqoK 具有多帐号支持、@ 回复、发送或接收直接消息、网址缩短、搜索、通知等不错的功能。

Changes: Many of the reported and known bugs have been fixed. Actions to subscribe, unsubscribe, and block a user were added to the User menu. A splash screen was added to Choqok. There is a new feature in new versions of StatusNet/Identica (>0.9) that allow you to attach a file (such as an image) to a dent. Support for this was added to Choqok. Two new timelines were added for Twitter and Statusnet/Identica accounts: Public timeline and Favorites. A conversation thread may now be viewed.

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