JShot 1.1 RC1 发布

发布于 2010年03月16日
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JShot 是一个用 Java 开发的屏幕截图软件。

1. A new highlighter tool was added to the toolbar.
2. A highlighter tool was added to the region capture window (use your right mouse button to use it).
3. The main toolbar can be hidden.
4. The maximum heap memory was increased to 768M.
5. The undo stack size was increased to 10.
6. The undp/redo now works for Text/TextBox typing.
7. A focus lost bug in the layer panel was fixed.
8. The twitpic uploader is part of the distribution.
9. The command line help screen was fixed.
10. If the upload fails, the picture won't be lost.
11. The restarting bug in the Auto-updater was fixed.
12. Minor GUI changes were made

下载地址: http://jshot.info/node/16

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