Nmap 7.31 发布,网络安全审计工具

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Nmap 7.31 发布了。Nmap是一个网络连接端扫描软件,用来扫描网上电脑开放的网络连接端。确定哪服务运行在那些连接端,并且推断哪个操作系统计算机运行(这是亦称 fingerprinting)。它是网络管理员必用的软件之一,以及用以评估网络系统保安。


  • [Windows] Updated the bundled Npcap from 0.10r2 to 0.10r9, bringing increased stability, bug fixes, and raw 802.11 WiFi capture (unused by Nmap). Further details on these changes can be found at https://github.com/nmap/npcap/releases.

  • Fixed the way Nmap handles scanning names that resolve to the same IP. Due to changes in 7.30, the IP was only being scanned once, with bogus results displayed for the other names. The previous behavior is now restored.

  • [Nping][GH#559] Fix Nping's ability to use Npcap on Windows. A privilege check was performed too late, so the Npcap loading code assumed the user had no rights.

  • [GH#350] Fix an assertion failure due to floating point error in equality comparison, which triggered mainly on OpenBSD:

        assertion "diff <= interval" failed: file "timing.cc", line 440

    This was reported earlier as [GH#472] but the assertion fixed there was a different one.

  • [Zenmap] Fix a crash in the About page in the Spanish translation due to a missing format specifier:

        File "zenmapGUI\About.pyo", line 217, in __init__
        TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting
  • [Zenmap][GH#556] Better visual indication that display of hostname is tied to address in the Topology page. You can show numeric addresses with hostnames or without, but you can't show hostnames without numeric addresses when they are not available.

  • To increase the number of IPv6 fingerprint submissions, a prompt for submission will be shown with some random chance for successful matches of OS classes that are based on only a few submissions. Previously, only unsuccessful matches produced such a prompt.



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