Lumina Desktop 1.1.0 发布,开源桌面环境

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2016-10-23 00:00:00

Lumina Desktop 1.1.0 发布了,该版本是重要更新,包括全新的以及完全重新编写的utilities,并对底层基础架构进行改进。

Lumina将是基于 Qt工具箱,旨在取代KDE成为PC-BSD默认的桌面环境。现阶段 Lumina被认为尚处于早期alpha状态,但已被PC-BSD的软件包仓库收录,它的目标是成为一个轻量级的、稳定而快速的桌面环境。


  • The “trueos/lumina-i18n” repository is depreciated in 1.1.0. From this point on, include localization files with the “WITH_I18N” build flag.

  • The “start-lumina-desktop” utility is the only command needed to begin a desktop session, detecting and starting any necessary services on its own.

  • Lumina’s method for searching and maintaining the system application list has been drastically reworked, resulting in a much faster and lighter system.

  • Lumina will now prompt to install or skip any pending system updates at logout time. For the moment, this functionality is only used on TrueOS systems.

  • Insight file manager has been completely overhauled! Menus have been reworked, “Git” is directly integrated into Insight, and all file operations are now performed in the background, with a system tray icon appearing when needed.

  • “lumina-textedit” is updated with simpler find/replace options, improved syntax highlighting, and now has file modification or synchronization warnings.

  • A new desktop utility: “lumina-calculator”. This is a pure Qt5 calculator supporting both simple push-button operations and scientific mathematical equations. The calculator also displays a full history of both calculations and results, with the capability to recall equations.

  • Numerous bug fixes and efficiency improvements.


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