Endian Firewall 3.2.2 发布,统一风险管理工具

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Endian Firewall 3.2.2 版本发布,Endian Firewall是一份统一风险管理工具,它保护网络并改善连接性能。基于Red Hat Enterprise Linux,Endian Firewall百分之百地源码开放,并广泛包含多种功能部件,例如状态检测防火墙、HTTP/FTP病毒防护、内容过滤、POP3/SMTP病毒防护、反网络钓鱼和反垃圾邮件工具、SSL/TLS虚拟专用网、入侵检测系统,以及其他一些功用。 

3.2.2 版本更新文档:

  •  COMMUNITY-223 Event notifications edit not working on Community

  •  COMMUNITY-238 anacron.daily/version-check gets removed with new community-appliance rpm

  •  COMMUNITY-254 Increase release version to 3.2.2

  •  CORE-1397 Evaluate OpenSSL CVE-2016-0800 and others

  •  CORE-1516 /etc/init.d/monit reload unmonitors all the services

  •  CORE-1525 Mountpoints are shown on "Hardware information" in dashboard page

  •  CORE-1535 Cannot create archive only backups

  •  CORE-1539 syslog-ng runs in multiple instances

  •  CORE-1553 Ipacsum calls in /etc/crontab

  •  CORE-1558 Add endian.crypto module

  •  CORE-1560 Network hosts imported from 3.0 to 3.2 cause a traceback

  •  CORE-1565 Report the authentication provider for successfully login

  •  CORE-1568 Integrate ModemManager

  •  CORE-1574 Add a function for getting the default WAN interface

  •  CORE-1577 Before the netwizard, activate the DHCP client on WAN interface

  •  CORE-1581 Display GREEN zone, uplinks, ports status on console

  •  CORE-1584 Update ciphers in ssh_config

  •  CORE-1589 Improve encryption and key length for httpd service

  •  CORE-1595 Add hooks and nvstorage to the DataSource

  •  CORE-1600 Remove genshi depends

  •  CORE-1617 Installer does not create LVM with eterogeneous disks size

  •  CORE-1623 VPN Firewall rules are not applied

  •  CORE-1631 Create /var/efw/access/rsa as nobody nogroup

  •  CORE-1644 Fix httpd default sysconfdir

  •  CORE-1654 Disable signature updates for certain uplinks

  •  CORE-1657 Add an option for enabling DHCP server on GREEN from the netwizard

  •  CORE-1661 Endian 3.2 installer hangs on boot due to Syslinux 6.01

  •  CORE-1666 YAML with long lines are incorrectly saved

  •  CORE-1677 remove CPU core limit from kernel configuration

  •  CORE-1684 Change emi files ownership to nobody nogroup

  •  CORE-1694 Mobile Broadband uplinks cannot be configured anymore after has been removed once

  •  CORE-1698 Update translations

  •  CORE-1701 Change order of uplinks type

  •  CORE-1708 Uplink GUI string changes

  •  CORE-1714 Add reboot and shutdown functions in job base

  •  CORE-1729 Sysctl is not applied because modules.py is missing in efw-restartscript

  •  CORE-1738 Modem Manager not working properly if language is different than english

  •  CORE-1742 Remove emi-devel

  •  CORE-1749 Update tzdata to 2016g

  •  EOS-1023 Fix syslog-ng random json support

  •  EOS-1077 remove e1000e and e1000e_update blacklist

  •  EOS-1084 usb_modeswitch segfault when pluggin 3G modem

  •  EOS-1098 vim: disable mouse default

  •  EOS-1102 Increment PR merged after wrong rebase



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