NetBeans 6.7 第二个里程碑版发布

发布于 2009年02月26日
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NetBeans 6.7 M2 主要值得关注的变化有:

  • Maven
    - Improved code completion for Maven plugin parameters
    - Profiling of Maven based J2EE applications
    - Support for Web Services creation and consumption
  • 性能提升 ("Ergonomic IDE")
    - Download the IDE and activate only the functionality that you need, without having all parts loaded by default.
  • 自诊断增强 ("Profile Me Now!")
    - The enhanced self diagnostic tool lets NetBeans profile its own performance so you can review the profiler snapshot or send it to the NetBeans team for further analysis.
  • 移动设备上对SVG支持的提升
    - Full support for SVG Rich Components in the Visual Mobile Designer, including landscape mode.
  • Profiler
    - HeapWalker supports OQL queries to analyze the contents of the heapdump
  • C++ 开发的改进
    - Improvements in code assistance for C/C++ projects
    - Support of popular Qt library and tools
  • 在 Mac OS X 上增加新的外观

详细的内容请看 NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2 features and enhancements.

NetBeans IDE 6.7 的第一个正式版将会在今年的6月份发布。

Download NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2

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