Wireshark 2.2.1 发布,网络协议检测程序

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2016-10-19 00:00:00

Wireshark 2.2.1 发布了。Wireshark 是世界上最流行的开源、免费跨平台网络协议分析软件,它经常被网络专家用户排错、部署、分析和教育活动中。更新内容:


已修复的 bugs:

  • Flow Graph colored data arrows. (Bug 12065)

  • Capture File Properties under Statistics Grayed Out after Stopping a Capture. (Bug 12071)

  • Qt: Hidden columns displayed during live capture. (Bug 12377)

  • Unable to save changes to coloring rules. (Bug 12814)

  • Bad description for NBSS error code 0x81. (Bug 12835)

  • Live capture from USBPcap fails immediately. (Bug 12846)

  • Cannot decrypt EAP-TTLS traffic (not recognized as conversation). (Bug 12879)

  • Export packet dissections Option disabled after capturing traffic. (Bug 12898)

  • Failure to open file named with Chinese or other multibyte characters. (Bug 12900)

  • k12 text file format causes errors. (Bug 12903)

  • File | File Set | List Files dialog is blank. (Bug 12904)

  • Decoding/Display of an INAP CONNECT message goes wrong for the Destination Routing Address part. (Bug 12911)

  • TLS padding extension dissector length parsing bug. (Bug 12922)

  • Diameter dictionary bugs. (Bug 12927)

  • File open from menu bar with filter in place causes Wireshark to crash. (Bug 12929)

  • Unable to capture USBPcap trace using tshark with extcap built. (Bug 12949)

  • P1 dissector fails a TVB assertion. (Bug 12976)

  • Multiple PortableApps instances can once again be run at the same time.

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