Go 语言极速 web 框架 IRIS V4.6.0 发布

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作者: 终于19岁

Go 语言极速 web 框架 IRIS V4.1.1 发布了,更新如下:

4.5.2/.3 -> 4.6.0

This update affects only testers who used iris.Tester at the past.

  • FIX: httptest flags caused by httpexpect which used to help you with tests inside old funciris.Tester as reported here

  • NEW: iris.ResetDefault() func which resets the default iris instance which is the station for the most part of the public/package API

  • NEW: package httptest with configuration which can be passed per 'tester' instead of iris instance( this is very helpful for testers)

  • CHANGED: All tests are now converted for 'white-box' testing, means that tests now have package named: iris_test instead of iris in the same main directory.

  • CHANGED: iris.Tester moved to httptest.New which lives inside the new/kataras/iris/httptest package, so:

import (

func MyTest(t *testing.T) {
    iris.Get("/mypath", func(ctx *iris.Context){
        ctx.Write("my body")
    // with configs: iris.Config.Tester.ExplicitURL/Debug = true
    e:= iris.Tester(t)
    e.GET("/mypath").Expect().Status(iris.StatusOK).Body().Equal("my body")

used that instead/new

import (

func MyTest(t *testing.T) {
    // make sure that you reset your default station if you don't use the form of app := iris.New()

    iris.Get("/mypath", func(ctx *iris.Context){
        ctx.Write("my body")

    e:= httptest.New(iris.Default, t)
    // with configs: e:= httptest.New(iris.Default, t, httptest.ExplicitURL(true), httptest.Debug(true))
    e.GET("/mypath").Expect().Status(iris.StatusOK).Body().Equal("my body")

Finally, some plugins container's additions:

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.Len() func which returns the length of the current activated plugins in the default station

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.Fired("event") int func which returns how much times and from how many plugins a particular event type is fired, event types are: "prelookup", "prebuild", "prelisten", "postlisten", "preclose", "predownload"

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PreLookupFired() bool func which returns true if PreLookup fired at least one time

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PreBuildFired() bool func which returns true if PreBuild fired at least one time

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PreListenFired() bool func which returns true ifPreListen/PreListenParallel fired at least one time

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PostListenFired() bool func which returns true if PostListen fired at least one time

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PreCloseFired() bool func which returns true if PreClose fired at least one time

  • NEW: iris.Plugins.PreDownloadFired() bool func which returns true if PreDownload fired at least one time




                Name                 Description                 Usage
Basicauth Middleware                 HTTP Basic authentication example 1example 2book section
JWT Middleware                 JSON Web Tokens example book section
Cors Middleware                 Cross Origin Resource Sharing W3 specification how to use
Secure Middleware                 Facilitates some quick security wins example
I18n Middleware                 Simple internationalization examplebook section
Recovery Middleware                 Safety recover the station from panic example
Logger Middleware                 Logs every request examplebook section
Profile Middleware                 Http profiling for debugging example
Editor Plugin                 Alm-tools, a typescript online IDE/Editor book section
Typescript Plugin                 Auto-compile client-side typescript files book section
OAuth,OAuth2 Plugin                 User Authentication was never be easier, supports >27 providers examplebook section
Iris control Plugin                 Basic (browser-based) control over your Iris station examplebook section
                Name                 Description                 Usage
JSON                 JSON Serializer (Default) example 1,example 2book section
JSONP                 JSONP Serializer (Default) example 1,example 2book section
XML                 XML Serializer (Default) example 1,example 2book section
Markdown                 Markdown Serializer (Default) example 1,example 2book section
Text                 Text Serializer (Default) example 1book section
Binary Data                 Binary Data Serializer (Default) example 1book section
                Name                 Description                 Usage
HTML/Default Engine                 HTML Template Engine (Default) example book section
Django Engine                 Django Template Engine example book section
Pug/Jade Engine                 Pug Template Engine example book section
Handlebars Engine                 Handlebars Template Engine example book section
Amber Engine                 Amber Template Engine example book section
Markdown Engine                 Markdown Template Engine example book section
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