m0n0wall 1.31发布

发布于 2010年03月13日
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Changes in this release:

  • IPv6 improvements
    • allow IPv6 addresses for domain overrides in DNS forwarder
    • added 'strict order' to DNS forwarder (useful when using SixXS DNS)
    • initial support for AYIYA for SixXS tunnels
    • fix for DHCPv6 firewall rules
    • allow link-local addresses to communicate
    • allow input of DUID in MAC address field of a DHCPv6 reservation
    • DHCPv6 reservations are now also added to DHCPv4
  • fix to WAN DHCP (release/renew button)
  • added option to disable spoof check on bridge (use to enable non-m0n0wall DHCP servers and/or multicast traffic)
  • added system fans/temperature monitoring on status page – should work on a reasonable set of PC hardware (but not on Soekris/PC Engines boards)
  • improved handling of accesses to pages that the user is not authorized for
  • added fix for OpenSSL session renegotiation vulnerability
  • added patch to ISC-DHCP to rewrite lease file every 5 minutes (reduce growth rate and occurrence of MFS exhaustion)

Version: 1.31
Release date: 03/06/2010

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