SonarQube C/C++/Objective-C 4.2 发布

发布于 2016年10月06日
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SonarQube C/C++/Objective-C 4.2 发布了,这是一个C/C++/Objective-C的插件,用于检查代码质量。




  • [CPP-1435] - "nullptr" can be used as identifier in Microsoft Visual Studio <= 9.0

  • [CPP-1436] - "_Complex" can be used as identifier in Microsoft Visual Studio

  • [CPP-1503] - "inline" can be used as identifier in C with Microsoft Visual Studio <= 12.0

  • [CPP-1540] - Fix ClassCastException in DynamicMemoryAllocationCheck

  • [CPP-1569] - CFG: should properly handle expression compound statement

  • [CPP-1596] - Grammar: should be possible to use more keywords as selectors in Objective-C

  • [CPP-1600] - Preprocessor: fix handling of escape sequences in character literals

  • [CPP-1601] - Grammar: add GNU old-style field designator extension

  • [CPP-1610] - Rule: IdentifierLongerThan31 (S799) should raise issues only for declared identifiers

  • [CPP-1616] - Fix broken link in description of S3576

  • [CPP-1617] - Sema Objective-C: fix IllegalStateException

  • [CPP-1626] - "_Bool" is not a keyword in C++

  • [CPP-1631] - build-wrapper unix: should save and restore path only to its own library

  • [CPP-1635] - build-wrapper unix: fix monitoring in case of use of empty string as value for DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES environment variable


  • [CPP-1298] - build-wrapper OS X: add support for "restricted" binaries (introduced in El Capitan as part of SIP)

  • [CPP-1304] - build-wrapper unix: child processes should not see our library in LD_PRELOAD or DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES environment variables

  • [CPP-1520] - Sema: add attribute "nonnull" information to symbols

  • [CPP-1531] - Improve SingleDeclarationPerStatement (S1004) issue location

  • [CPP-1568] - Fix false-positives in UnusedExpressionStatementCheck (S905)

  • [CPP-1578] - Update S1749: "const" should be placed before type name but after "typedef"

  • [CPP-1581] - Fix false-positives in TrailingCommentCheck (S139)

  • [CPP-1615] - Fix false-negatives in S3698 and S1181

  • [CPP-1619] - Add warning in case of usage of property "sonar.cfamily.predefinedMacros" or "sonar.cfamily.library.directories" together with ""

  • [CPP-1624] - Fix false-negatives in S1749

  • [CPP-1625] - Rule type should be set explicitly

  • [CPP-1628] - Fix false-positives in S1764

  • [CPP-1632] - Fix false-positives in S1764: exclude "1 << 1"

  • [CPP-1634] - SE: functions with "_Noreturn" specifier should stop execution

  • [CPP-1636] - Support Clang precompiled header files produced with "-fmodule-format=obj"


  • [CPP-850] - Add mechanism for creation of reproducer of failure of analysis

  • [CPP-934] - Semantic Analysis: add a mechanism to calculate value of constant expression

  • [CPP-999] - C, C++ Rule: Unused function parameters should be removed

  • [CPP-1302] - C++ Rule: Overriding virtual functions should be declared with "virtual"

  • [CPP-1432] - Rule: "switch" statements should cover all cases

  • [CPP-1521] - C rule: "nonnull" pointers should not be set to null

  • [CPP-1534] - C++ Rule: Virtual functions should not have default arguments

  • [CPP-1586] - Rule: GNU extensions should not be used

  • [CPP-1605] - Import of coverage reports produced by llvm-cov

  • [CPP-1618] - C++ Rule: Reference types should not be qualified with "const" or "volatile"

  • [CPP-1622] - Rule: File names should comply with a naming convention


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