Wireshark 2.0.5 发布,网络协议检测程序

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作者: leolovenet
2016-08-17 00:00:00

Wireshark 是世界上最流行的开源、免费跨平台网络协议分析软件,它经常被网络专家用户排错、部署、分析和教育活动中。目前 Wireshark 2.0.35  已经发布下载,包括一系列bug修复。


  • T30 FCF byte decoding masks DTC, CIG and NCS. (Bug 1918)

  • TShark crashes with option "-z io,stat,…" in the presence of negative relative packet timestamps. (Bug 9014)

  • Packet size limited during capture msg is repeated in the Info column. (Bug 9826)

  • Wireshark loses windows decorations on second screen when restarting maximized using GNOME. (Bug 11303)

  • Cannot launch GTK+ version of wireshark as a normal user. (Bug 11400)

  • Restart current capture fails with "no interface selected" error when capturing in promiscuous mode. (Bug 11834)

  • Add field completion suggestions when adding a Display filter or Y Field to the IO Graph. (Bug 11899)

  • Wireshark Qt always indicates locale as "C". (Bug 11960)

  • Wireshark crashes every time open Statistics → Conversations | Endpoints. (Bug 12288)

  • Find function within the conversations window does not work. (Bug 12363)

  • Invalid values for USB SET_REQUEST packets. (Bug 12511)

  • Display filter dropdown hides cursor. (Bug 12520)

  • Filter for field name tcp.options.wscale.multiplier cannot exceed 255. (Bug 12525)

  • Ctrl+ shortcuts that are not text-related do not work when focus is on display filter field. (Bug 12533)

  • Closing Statistics window results in black screen. (Bug 12544)

  • OSPF: Incorrect description of N/P-bit in NSSA LSA. (Bug 12555)

  • Inconsistent VHT data rate. (Bug 12558)

  • DCE/RPC malformed error when stub-data is missing but a sub-dissector has been registered. (Bug 12561)

  • Wireshark is marking BGP FlowSpec NLRI as malformed if NLRI length is larger than 239 bytes. (Bug 12568)

  • "Edit Resolved Name" is not saved in current pcapng file. (Bug 12629)

  • MPTCP: MP_JOIN B bit not decoded correctly. (Bug 12635)

  • MPTCP MP_PRIO header with AddrID: incorrect AddrID. (Bug 12641)


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