Visifire 3.0.4 beta 2 发布

发布于 2010年03月03日
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  • In WPF application chart was throwing exception as VisualStateGroup was not found in the referenced assembly because VisualStateManager is not provided by WPF in .net Framework version 3.5. So currently we are taking help of VisualStateManager implemented in WPFToolkit. If WPFToolkit is not installed in your pc, you can reference to WPFToolkit.dll present inside the Visifire download package.
  • In Silverlight Application while exporting chart as image, the image was getting saved with 0 bytes. In this case you have to reference to FJ.Core.dll from your Silverlight application in order to save the image of the chart properly. You can find the FJ.Core.dll inside the Visifire download package.
  • Chart was throwing exception when Enabled property was set to false for the AxisLabels element in Axis.
  • IndicatorEnabled property of chart was not behaving as expected for multi-series chart if one of the DataSeries had less number of DataPoints.
  • DataBinding was not working as expected due to type mismatch while mapping YValue property.


  • Looks of the Zoombar has been improved.

下载  Visifire v3.0.4 beta 2 here.

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