Libsodium 1.0.11 发布,易用的加密库

发布于 2016年08月01日
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Libsodium 1.0.11 发布了, Libsodium是一个先进而且易用的加密库。主要用于加密、解密、签名和生成密码哈希等等。这是一个可移植的、跨编译器支持、可安装的,基于 NaCI 开发,提供一个兼容 API。


  • sodium_init() is now thread-safe, and can be safely called multiple times.

  • Android binaries now properly support 64-bit Android, targeting platform 24, but without breaking compatibility with platforms 16 and 21.

  • Better support for old gcc versions.

  • On FreeBSD, core dumps are disabled on regions allocated with sodium allocation functions.

  • AVX2 detection was fixed, resulting in faster BLAKE2b hashing on platforms where it was not properly  detected.

  • The Sandy2x Curve25519 implementation was not as fast as expected on some platforms. This has been fixed.

  • The NativeClient target was improved. Most notably, it now supports optimized implementations, and uses pepper_49 by default.

  • The library can be compiled with recent Emscripten versions. Changes have been made to produce smaller code, and the default heap size was reduced in the standard version.

  • The code can now be compiled on SLES11 service pack 4.

  • Decryption functions can now accept a NULL pointer for the output. This checks the MAC without writing the decrypted message.

  • crypto_generichash_final() now returns -1 if called twice.

  • Support for Visual Studio 2008 was improved.


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