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Kitematic v0.12.0 发布,Docker 容器管理程序
oschina 2016年07月28日

Kitematic v0.12.0 发布,Docker 容器管理程序

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月28日 收藏 10

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Kitematic v0.12.0 发布,Kitematic 可以让你以最简单的方式在你的 Mac 电脑上开始使用 Docker 容器。是一个简单的 Docker 容器管理程序。



  • Added ContainerID to the General tab of containers - Thanks to @ClemMakesApps

  • Changed animation of running container to 5x (fixes CPU usage) - Thanks to @ruurd

  • Checkboxes can now be selected by their labels

  • Port publishing and associated click-through are now properly updatable

  • Windows now uses proper named pipe

Bug 修复

  • Fixed Docker CLI opening the wrong terminal

  • Removed wrong dependencies on Ubuntu build

  • Fixed ZIP creation for Ubuntu build

  • Fixed duplicate key warnings in the console

  • Fixed extra HTTP headers on container settings link

  • Kitematic will now honor the DOCKER_CERT_PATH and MACHINE_STORAGE_PATH set in env thanks to @thomasdarimont for the fixes

  • Debian package should not show errors in install thanks to @sbacic

  • Fixed windows error after Docker for Windows Beta20 update


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