Ember.js 2.7 和 2.8 beta 发布

发布于 2016年07月27日
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Ember.js 2.7 和 2.8 beta 发布了。Ember.js 2.7是Ember的次要版本,更新了向后兼容;Ember.js 2.8测试版也在今日发布,这个分支将在大约6个星期后发布稳定版,之后将成为下一个LTS版本。


Ember.js 2.7 引入了一种新的向后兼容的 API:

  • Ember.computed.uniqBy


  • #13764 [BUGFIX] Keep rest positional parameters when nesting contextual components if needed.

  • #13781 [BUGFIX] Fix NoneLocation#getURL

  • #13797 [BUGFIX] Ensure didInitAttrs deprecation is stripped in prod.

  • #13768 [BUGFIX] Update route-recognizer to v0.2.0. This addresses a large number of per-existing bugs related to URL encoding. However, in doing so, it might inevitably break existing workarounds in this area. Please refer to the linked pull request for more details.

  • #13634 [BUGFIX] Fix issues with rerendering blockless and tagless components.

  • #13605 [BUGFIX] Ensure pauseTest runs after other async helpers.

  • #13655 [BUGFIX] Make debugging this._super much easier (remove manual .call / .apply optimizations).

  • #13672 [BUGFIX] Fix issue with this.render and this.disconnectOutlet in routes.

  • #13716 [BUGFIX] Ensure that Ember.Test.waiters allows access to configured test waiters.

  • #13273 [BUGFIX] Fix a number of query param related issues reported.

  • #13424 [DEPRECATE] Deprecate Ember.Binding. See the deprecation guide for more details.

  • #13599 [FEATURE] Enable ember-runtime-computed-uniq-by feature.

Ember.js 2.8 测试版引入了以下新的后向兼容的 API:


  • Ember.Engine class - The base class for Ember.Application. Its only public interface is related to initializers and instance initializers, which is then inherited by applications.

  • Ember.EngineInstance class - The base class for Ember.ApplicationInstance.

  • mount keyword - Allows for the mounting of routeless engines in templates. This keyword currently only takes one argument, the name of the engine.

  • mount router DSL - Allows routable engines to be mounted at a location in a route map.

Enumerable#includes AND Array#includes




  • #13757 / #13773 [CLEANUP] Remove legacy view layer features.

  • #13819 [DOC] Add documentation for container (getOwner, etc.)

  • #13855 [FEATURE ember-string-ishtmlsafe] Enable by defaut.

  • #13855 [FEATURE ember-application-engines] Enable by default.

  • #13855 [FEATURE ember-runtime-enumerable-includes] Enable by default.

  • #13855 [FEATURE ember-testing-check-waiters] Enable by default.


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