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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.5.6 发布
oschina 2016年07月26日

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.5.6 发布

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月26日 收藏 6

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.5.6 发布了,Apache Jackrabbit 是由 Apache Foundation 提供的 JSR-170 的开放源码实现。


Technical task

    [OAK-4200] - [BlobGC] Improve collection times of blobs available
    [OAK-4477] - RDBDatasourceFactory should use pool config similar
    to sling datasource defaults
    [OAK-4539] - Calculate children cache entry on commit
    [OAK-4554] - RDBBlobStoreTest should use RDBDatasourceWrapper
    [OAK-4557] - RDBPreparedStatementWrapper: do not hide
    implementation bugs
    [OAK-4559] - RDB*Store: failures with Tomcat JDBC pool's
    StatementCache interceptor
    [OAK-4562] - BasicDocumentStore max id test might return
    misleading results


    [OAK-4518] - ConcurrentAddReferenceTest fails occasionally
    [OAK-4532] - race-condition in commit-rate-limiter
    [OAK-4544] - Fix failing test
    [OAK-4548] - SegmentDataStoreBlobGCIT failures
    [OAK-4552] - Checkpoints.getOldestRevisionToKeep() returns newest
    valid revision
    [OAK-4565] - S3Backend fails to upload large metadata records
    [OAK-4568] - JournalEntry.applyTo() creates complete change tree
    in memory
    [OAK-4571] - consolidated listener stats confuses
    cluster-external/local flags
    [OAK-4572] - Overflow to disk threshold too high


    [OAK-4512] - Detect and log commits to the read-only stores
    [OAK-4528] - diff calculation in DocumentNodeStore should try to
    re-use journal info on diff cache miss
    [OAK-4533] - make DELAY_THRESHOLD & MAX_DELAY of ChangeProcessor
    [OAK-4534] - add trace logging to CommitRateLimiter
    [OAK-4540] - Cache update blocks new commits
    [OAK-4542] - PerfLogger should also allow a threshold to log at
    [OAK-4545] - Configurable maxBackOffMillis
    [OAK-4553] - Retain journal entries for valid checkpoints
    [OAK-4556] - Track branch on newBranchCommit()
    [OAK-4563] - Specify thread pool name which should be used by
    Async Indexing task
    [OAK-4564] - Use Lucene index to look for long-named nodes in JCR2
    [OAK-4567] - Define oak:Resource nodetype as non referenceable
    alternative to nt:resource
    [OAK-4569] - Clean-up the oak-upgrade dependencies
    [OAK-4573] - S3 fetching record leads to multiple calls and
    background download
    [OAK-4574] - [BlobGC] Remove adding of paths in file maintained
    for blob references
    [OAK-4578] - Clarify weight related methods/parameters/arguments
    of the LIRS cache


    [OAK-3211] - Document External Identity Management
    [OAK-4551] - Update Oak to Jackrabbit 2.13.1


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